• Carp Language Technologies
  • Has developed a unique suite products
  • specifically suited for identifying and establishing content relationships
  • regardless of structured or unstructured information source

Pull relevant insights from a mountain of information!

Your organization is missing the ability to make informed decisions!


Many of today’s organizations maintain a number of separate databases. They have realized by now that they are sitting on significant amounts of information from which it is impossible to derive business-supporting insights. Why? Because as much as 80% is unstructured content. Carp Language Technologies has developed a unique suite products specifically suited for identifying and establishing content relationships, regardless of structured or unstructured information source. Whether the goal is to better map customer interests, analyzing your competition, profiling for surveillance, or even process inefficiency mapping: Carp Language Technologies is in use by mid and large size organizations internationally. We uniquely enhance the reputation and value of your organization to your stakeholders.


Our R&D and software development are located in the Netherlands, a Tier 1 location for doing global business.


Located in the US, Canada?


Contact Joost Allard at CARP Language Technology LLC:  +1-734-250-9284

Application Areas

CARP offers several product modules to help you access your unstructured content, both traditional (ex: product specifications) or social media based. Our standard offerings are developed with our own proprietary Language Processing engine technology and are available now. Do you have specific requirements that are not met by our standard products? We have consulted with a number of clients and developed custom solutions to meet their unique needs.


Automated Summarization.

application: summarization for mobile platform or tablet

Tablets and mobile devices lack the real estate to display full content, for instance medical descriptions, research papers, etc. Our automated summary function serves a very valuable purpose by reducing documents to their true essence. For example, our Use Case for UMC-RADBOUD in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


Summarization and search within spoken text.

Courts are mandated to record all proceedings. Voice recognition technology can transcribe this content into digital text. However, due to inaccuracies in capturing each word correctly, the transcription will not be 100% correct and understandable.

In collaboration with one of our partners, CARP technology was used to develop indexation of the recordings. This enabled judges and other court officials to review the summaries and consult the exact sections of content. Read More



Provincial Court of Utrecht

The Netherlands makes jurisprudence available to the legal community as a matter of principal. However, this does require protecting the anonymity of the actors in every court case. Privacy-sensitive passages must be replaced by anonymity labels using a consistent scheme. CARP developed an automated approach with 99% consistency and accuracy. Read more about this solution


Other application areas


Automated Tagging








Duplicate finder






Fully automatic keyword extraction from processed content


Consistent application of anonimization or pseudonyms to processed content


Addition of specific metadata identifiers to processed content


Classifying processed content (requires configuration)




automated summarization of processed content


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